Harp Pub Quiz

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Your questions answered:

What is a live harp pub quiz?

Good question. Mark's harp sets mix in and out of a multitude of rock, pop and indie classics from the 50s to present day, they also include film and well known TV themes and stuff like that.

The quiz would see Mark play really nice harp medleys live in your venue, and these would pack in loads of elements of popular songs. (Maybe a chorus, maybe a guitar riff, maybe a full tune) and whenever anyone recognises a song they write it down. Teams or people with most recognised songs wins. Mark will check after.

So you play gigs already?

I've played professionally for over a decade now. Live credits range from Glastonbury and Latitude festivals to St James' Palace. I also play at weddings and events across the UK and lead harp music workshops in various hosptials across London.

How many songs would a quiz medley include?

How long is a piece of string? 25, 45, 65. The medleys can be themed too. A film round, 80s round, 90s round, love song round. However you'd like it.

What on earth gave you this idea?

In my hospital sessions in children's wards, we often play a version of this with Disney songs. Families guess the songs and it is loads of fun. This is an extension of that, but with alcohol added in.

Wouldn't this be incredibly weird?

Yeah probably. Fun though.

Can I watch you play?

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