Chilled out medleys of modern classics performed as a bingo style music quiz on a 29 string harp. Unique live sets for:

  • pub nights
  • smaller festival stages
  • wedding receptions
  • team sessions in the office (if offices are still a thing!).

How it works

1. The audience are given bingo style cards that all have various song statements.

2. I play a live harp mini medley that spans various genres and eras, including laid back, harped up versions of everything from Mary Poppins to Metallica.

3. Whenever the audience hear a song that relates to a song statement on their card, they tick it off. Tick them all off, then say bingo!

I then talk the audience through the answers and we go again. Prizes can be arranged too!

For more info and to book a live harp bingo set email

Mini set sampler

Here are a few snippets of the type of tunes you can expect in a set.

Example song cards

A player has to tick all the statements to win a round!

Song card 1

  • Britpop classic
  • A love song with a happy ending
  • 80s tune
  • Song title includes a type of weather
  • 60s tune
  • Hip Hop sample

Song card 2

  • 00s tune
  • classic rock riff
  • From a film soundtrack
  • Artist RIP
  • A love song with a sad ending
  • Song title includes the word love

Songcard 3

  • 2010’s tune
  • Disney classic
  • Rock anthem
  • TV theme
  • American pop artist
  • Singalong classic

And so on…

For people playing along it is a fun music quiz. Those that don’t fancy playing are still treated to a chilled out harp medley featuring a variety eclectic modern classics they wouldn’t usually hear on a harp.

For more info and to book a set email

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