‘Name The Tune’ terms and conditions

I’m a harpist not a lawyer. Hopefully these terms are complete enough to prevent me from being arrested. This is also only supposed to be a bit of fun, but send me an email if you have any comments or think I’m breaking the rules.

This promotion is not endorsed, affiliated or sponsored by Facebook in any way…

1.  How it works: I will post a short clip of a well known song being played on the harp, to enter the game comment on the post with the correct song title and artist, and everyone who gets it right will be entered into a prize draw. Easy!

2. The winner will be sent a ‘mini mystery prize’. This is changeable and will be revealed to each winner after the prize draw has taken place – these will most likely be chocolate or treat related, not of immense monetary value and will be easily sent by post.

3. Winners will be randomly selected using www.randomresult.com/

4. The time-scales of each prize draw are contained in each competition post. Any entries made outside of these times may not be added in the draw. In legal terms, you snooze you lose people!

5. Entrants related to or married to me (hopefully not at the same time) may join in the fun but are not eligible for the prize draw – sorry Mum.

6. Entrants agree to have their name announced in the post if they win.

7. After announcing the winner on the post, I will send a message asking for an address to send the prize to. If I don’t hear back, I’ll assume you don’t want your mini mystery prize, which would be a shame.

8. Prizes will be posted to UK addresses only. Sorry, if you win from outside the UK I’ll try to send something little on-line,  like an e-voucher but can’t guarantee.

9. This competition is open to all ages but people under 18 must provide parental permission to be sent the prize if they win.

10. These terms and conditions are applicable to each ‘Name The Tune’ competition that runs,  and are subject to change if I find out I have to change them.

11. If you cheat and look at other people’s comments before answering, your submission will still be counted but you will have to live with the guilt if you win. For further info see The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe.

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