Thanks so much for confirming your booking. I’m looking forward to playing for you!

Below are some key bits of info for between now and the big day.


2020 proved to be an uncertain time for all of us.

If the date needs to be pushed back due to Covid there would be no additional fees or anything, and I’m happy to keep all arrangements as agreed but on the new date. The deposit is usually non returnable but if you have to move the date to one I cannot make, I’ll return the deposit in full.

(If you have booked via an agency they may have different terms)

Timings and venue

You may have already given me your timings, or they may still be being worked out. Please let me know once confirmed, or if there any changes to timings. (One couple once changed their date and forgot to tell me, it wasn’t ideal)

I always plan to give the venue a call a couple of weeks before the date to chat through the set up etc. If you have the details for your venue contact or coordinator, a phone number or email address would be helpful please.


If you booked via an agency, such as Encore or Last Minute Musicians you can ignore this part. They will handle the payment and deposit etc. If you booked directly through myself, please read on…

Your deposit has secured the date, the final balance is due by 2 weeks before your wedding. Your booking form will have all payment details. I’ll also send you a gentle reminder a few weeks before.

Don’t be a stranger

If you have any questions, or want to chat anything through, as well as email you can also call me on 07725 554058.

You can follow me on Instagram – @Mark_harp as well, where I add picures of gigs and the odd video clip of new arrangements and things like that.

My song list/ repertoire

I know I’m playing the harp, but what am I playing?

You can download my song list below, where you can choose some songs you definitely want including.

(Let me know if there is anything on the list you’d rather I didn’t play too.)


I’m happy to arrange a song or two if you have something special in mind. The more notice the better though please. I can’t promise everything will translate to the harp, but I’ll give anything a go, and I do like a challenge!

If there are any issues with your choice I’ll let you know.

Ceremony requests

If you have booked for the ceremony you can choose pieces to be played for:

  • The entrance
  • Signing of the registrar
  • Exit of the couple

I can suggest things that have worked well in the past, and can send clips over as well.

I think that’s it. Again, do get in touch and we can chat through anything regarding your day.

I hope the rest of the planning goes well!

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